What Happens If You Get Caught With Marijuana Edibles?

With various states in the US legalizing marijuana, its edibles are becoming prevalent options for users seeking alternative means to utilize the plant. Cannabis edibles come in many sizes and shapes, from unique choices like drinks, cookies, and mints to classic gummies and brownies. Their tempting popularity also raises concerns about the dangers and their legal status in possessing them. Read on to discover what happens if you get caught with edibles and ways to safely possess or commute with them.

How Cannabis Edibles Differ From Other Forms of Weed

Cannabis edibles are beverages or foods made with marijuana’s THC extract, the psychoactive component in cannabis. Unlike old-style weed-consuming approaches like vaping or smoking, edibles offer a suitable and discreet option for taking this drug. Users can drink or consume these products, making them a choice for individuals desiring to experience cannabis influences but without the need to vape or smoke it.what happens if you get caught with edibles

The Escalating Demand and the Legal Status of Cannabis Edibles in the United States

Lately, the demand for cannabis edibles has been growing, with numerous states ratifying it for recreational or medicinal practice. However, in countries where cannabis is illegal, many individuals often import these edibles from other states permitting it or from underground dispensaries. Thus, with recreational or medicinal marijuana acceptance and multiple alternatives available, edibles could be a prevalent option for users.

Edibles and cannabis permissible status vary depending on each state’s laws, which can pose confusion to both visitors and residents. While some states only permit marijuana for medical use, others wholly certify its use for both medical and recreational purposes.

Besides, the legality of edibles can also differ within a country, with some only permitting edibles with lower levels. It means these edibles might be illegal in a particular country, depending on the local jurisdiction.

What Happens if You Get Caught With Edibles in Different States?

Desiring to know what happens if you get caught with edibles? It’s essential you know the regulations and their consequences in every state to avoid complexities while traveling or possessing them. Below are typical examples of what might happen if you are caught with edibles in diverse states of the US.what happens if you get caught with edibles


California was among the first states to decriminalize recreational cannabis use for grownups over 21 years. But this does not call for anyone to freely carry edibles onto flights leaving California airports. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) could confiscate your edibles if you are not of permissible age to possess them or if the quantity exceeds the legal limit since it functions under federal control.

California’s §11357 Health and Safety Code oversees cannabis edibles depending on aspects like whether it is your first offense or its quantity. Generally, the possible charges or penalties for illegal edibles in California are as follows:

  • Fine to up to six months in jail or more, depending on the amount of product (the legal limit is up to 10-28.5 mg per serving)
  • A felony or misdemeanor charge if it is believed that the product was intended for sale or more significant amounts of possessions
  • Possible revocation of a cannabis license, if applicable


Like California, Texas still has uncompromising regulations against edibles or marijuana possessions. Any possession of THC extract or any marijuana quantity is a felony offense that can pose some fines or up to two years’ punishment in state jail. Its first-time lawbreakers may be eligible for community service or probation.

In its compassionate use program, Texas allows only the use of low-THC marijuana for individuals with specific medical complexities like intractable epilepsy. Any other form of cannabis possession, including edibles, is illicit. The general consequences for being caught with edibles in this state are:

  • A felony charge with a penalty of two years in state jail
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Potential loss of eligibility for certain government benefits or financial aid
  • Participation in a drug treatment program, community service, or probation may be offered as an alternative sentence for first-time offenderswhat happens if you get caught with edibles

Other States That Have Legalized Marijuana

Many other states permit recreational or medicinal marijuana use, including Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Maine. However, their administrations might not recommend traveling with edibles because of conflicting federal and state directives. Depending on your intended destination, edible type, and quantity, you may encounter severe penalties for possessing or using edibles in an illegal or unsafe manner.

Many of these states only allow small or specific marijuana quantities, but this might not apply to cannabis edibles. First-time offenders will mostly be charged fines or given citations rather than charged with a felony. Therefore, knowing your destination’s regulations and guidelines before carrying edibles is vital to avoid legal issues.

How to Securely and Lawfully Travel With Marijuana Edibles

Despite edibles offering a convenient way to consume cannabis, carrying them aboard a plane can be risky. Below are significant tips to help you commute safely and legally with edibles:

  • Know the Rules in Your State and Destination

As mentioned before, directives regarding edibles and cannabis differ, so it’s vital to understand their rules in both where you are commuting to and your residence state. Explore their legal status in each place you plan on visiting before carrying them.

  • Be Aware of Airline Policies

The TSA can seize your edibles since it operates under federal laws. It permits no more than 0.3% dry-weight THC on carry-on and checked bags with FDA approval. However, some commercial airlines have their guidelines concerning edibles and cannabis carriage. To avoid conflicts or surprises, ensure you understand their rules earlier.what happens if you get caught with edibles

  • Be Watchful of the Edibles Types and Quantities

Justifiably, many individuals desire to carry their favorite edibles when commuting. However, observing the edible types you’re carrying and their legal limits is essential. Ensure you do not exceed the legal threshold of 28.5 grams for medical and recreational use in most states. Also, stick to labeled or pre-packaged ones with a clear THC level indication.

  • Be Respectful of Those Around You

Despite your state permitting marijuana use, it’s vital to remember that some people may feel uncomfortable with its presence. Keep your edibles out of sight or seal them to respect those around you. It can help avoid legal troubles or unnecessary confrontations.what happens if you get caught with edibles

Is It Worth the Risk of Possessing or Traveling With Marijuana Edibles?

Although most people choose edibles as an unnoticeable and convenient way to utilize marijuana, getting caught may supersede these benefits. Ensure to profoundly understand the edibles’ legal consequences and implications of being caught before bringing them on your next journey.


Cannabis edibles might be a choice for marijuana users, but the risks of traveling with them and their legal status may result in difficulties and confusion for users. Understanding the directives of your destination and residence state before carrying your edibles is essential to avoid facing severe penalties or getting caught. Generally, it’s always better to utilize cannabis edibles lawfully and safely.