A Guide to Hyams Beach in New South Wales, Australia

Are you trying to find somewhere to unwind with your loved ones? Search no further because Hyams Beach will exceed your expectations. Imagine sinking your toes into the sand, so soft that you’ll mistake it for clouds. Satisfy your travel cravings by feeling the cool water swirl around your ankles. Yes, it’s time to pack your bags and let Hyams Beach in New South Wales, Australia, weave its magic upon you.

Where Is Hyams Beach?

The beach lies 180 kilometers south of Sydney, near Jervis Bay. If you take a bus, it will only take three hours from Sydney to the region. The beach is located outside the Booderee National Park. Chinamans Beach and Seaman Beach border it. The nearest big town in the area is Shoalhaven.

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How to Get to Hyams Beach

The easiest way to get to the beach is from Sydney. As you travel on the highway, you will enjoy the coastline with its terrifying cliffs and remote vegetation. Follow the signs on the road until you see a small section of houses and guest accommodations. You will know you have arrived at the correct location when you see a café along the shore of the beach.

If you are driving, you must head northeast on Campbell Court towards Elizabeth Drive to get there. Turn left after arriving at Elizabeth Drive and head straight to the roundabout, where you’ll take the second exit onto Wool Road. At the subsequent roundabout, take the first exit onto Jervis Bay Road. Once you hit Kallaroo Road, keep cruising until it morphs into Booderee Avenue. Finally, take a right onto Cyrus Street, then the first left onto Lister Crescent.

You can now get to the beach by walking. The trail to the beach starts at Lister Crescent, located on the southern side of Hyams Beach Village. Lister Crescent is about 10 minutes from Vincentia. The trail passes through several white sand beaches along the way.

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What to Do at Hyams Beach

I like traveling to Hyams Beach in New South Wales, Australia, because of the family-friendly environment. The beach has a bathroom with toilets. You will enjoy the shower on the beach while getting a treat of the beautiful views. Be ready to engage in all the activities at Hyams Beach’s shores. Here are some of the things you have to do when at the beach.

  • Swimming and Playing in the Ocean

The beach has the whitest sand in the world. The sands on the beach make the blue waters glitter. The waves on the beach are also gentle, making it perfect for children. Is swimming not your thing? Just lie and sunbathe! Enjoy the stunning ocean view while building sandcastles with your kids.

  • Spotting Wildlife

The beach is excellent for seeing marine animals in the Jervis Bay Marine Park. Take a dolphin and seal viewing trip to see the antics of these lively creatures as they leap over the ocean. Viewing humpback whales is possible, too, but only during the whale migration from June to November. I recommend boat tours from the seaside village for a higher chance of spotting the marine animals.

  • Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Explore the calm waters around Hyams Beach, New South Wales, by renting a kayak. Rent paddleboats and kayaks from the Hyam Beach seaside cottages near the beach’s northern side. Glide across the glassy surface and paddle past towering cliffs on the beach. Try stand-up paddle boarding if you crave a unique experience. The experts can teach you how to paddleboard and kayak if it is your first time.

  • Snorkeling

Explore the colorful underwater world under the waves. The water on the beach is clear enough to make it easy to view the colorful coral reefs and the rare aquatic animals. The authority in Jervis Bay protects the beach. You will see several species of fish in the clear waters. A team of experts will guide you if you do not know how to dive.hyamsbeach

Where to Stay Near Hyams Beach

There are no resorts or major hotels right on the beach. However, Huskisson offers enough accommodation options for all budgets. You can choose between guesthouses, Airbnbs, and converted condominiums in town. When exploring for places to stay, Walters Holiday Flats came highly recommended. However, during my last visit, I stayed at the Jervis Bay Holiday Park near the river.

Here are other holiday rentals in Hyams Beach you may want to stay in:

  • 24-Hyam Road Hyams Beach: This is a house with air conditioning. The place has access to a garden with a grill, and it is a 3-minute walk from Hyams Beach, New South Wales.
  • Seal and Salt Hyams Beach: This one is a beachfront accommodation. The house has a garden and free Wi-Fi. It is only 5 minutes away from the beach.

Where to Eat at Hyams Beach

As you drive into Hyams Beach, New South Wales, you will see a beach store and café. It is the only shop on the shores of Hyams Beach. After exploring the day, treat yourself to delicious food. Enjoy the breathtaking beach views as you take your lunch at the café. You can also take beverages at the café while watching the sunset.

Bring cash with you to enjoy the food at the café before heading out. You can also get all the essentials you forgot and good coffee at the store and café. However, if you want exceptional food, head to Vincentia. You will find restaurants with a menu to cater to your requirements.


Hyams Beach is an exceptional place. The beach is among the greatest in the world because of its white sand and turquoise waters. It also has abundant marine life. The beach is the ideal getaway if you are looking for a memorable vacation. So pack your bags and head to Hyams Beach in New South Wales, Australia, today! You will not regret it.