The Role of Hashtags in Increasing Instagram Visibility

Updated at 08/04/2023

How to maximize your growth and engagement via hashtags on Instagram? In this article we'll explain how to use hashtags on Instagram.

In the world of Instagram, hashtags are more than just trendy add-ons to your captions. They're powerful tools that can boost your visibility, reach new audiences, and ramp up engagement. Let's explore the role of hashtags in increasing Instagram visibility.

What are Instagram hashtags?

Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the "#" symbol. They categorize content, making it discoverable by users who follow or search for these hashtags. With the right hashtags, your posts can reach a wider audience beyond just your followers.

Why are hashtags important for Instagram visibility?

Hashtags on Instagram are like keys to a treasure chest of content. When you add a hashtag to your post, it's like putting it into a specific category that people can find when they search for that hashtag. This can help more people find your posts and if they like what they see, you might even get more Instagram followers!

This is why hashtags are important. They help make your posts visible to a larger audience, beyond just the people who already follow you. So if you're trying to grow your audience, using the right hashtags can really help.

What are the benefits of Instagram hashtags?

Listed below are 4 benefits of using hashtags on Instagram.

  • Reach more people: When you add a hashtag, your post can be found in searches for that hashtag. This helps your content reach people who aren't following you yet.
  • Build a community: Hashtags can bring people together around a shared interest. For example, if you're posting about your adorable pet, using a popular pet-related hashtag can connect you with other pet lovers.
  • Increase engagement: When more people find your posts, you get more likes, comments, and shares. This can help increase your overall engagement.
  • Organize your content: You can create a unique hashtag for your brand or a specific campaign. This helps organize your content and makes it easier for your followers to find related posts.

What are the drawbacks of Instagram hashtags?

Listed below are 4 drawbacks of using hashtags on Instagram.

  • Overcrowding: If you use very popular hashtags, your post might get lost in the crowd of other posts using the same hashtag.
  • Irrelevant views: Sometimes people might find your post through a hashtag but they aren't really interested in your content. This could lead to lower engagement.
  • Potential spam: Using too many or irrelevant hashtags can make your posts look spammy. This could turn off potential followers.
  • Misuse: If you use a hashtag without understanding its context or meaning, it could potentially offend or confuse your audience.

How to use hashtags on Instagram effectively?

Listed below are 5 tips to use Instagram hashtags effectively.

  • Be relevant: Use hashtags that are relevant to your post and audience. Irrelevant hashtags can confuse people.
  • Be specific: Use specific and unique hashtags. They can help you reach a targeted audience.
  • Limit your numbers: Don't use too many hashtags. A lot of hashtags can make your post look cluttered and spammy. Instagram allows up to 30, but 5 to 10 relevant hashtags can often be more effective.
  • Research: Look at what hashtags other successful accounts similar to yours are using.
  • Use Instagram's suggestions: When you start typing a hashtag, Instagram will suggest related ones. These can be very useful.

How to find good hashtags for Instagram?

Listed below are 4 tips to find good hashtags for Instagram.

  • Use Instagram's search: Type a keyword in Instagram's search bar and then select "Tags". It will show you hashtags related to your keyword.
  • Look at successful posts: Look at the hashtags used in posts that are popular or in your niche. They might work for you too.
  • Use hashtag tools: There are online tools and apps that can suggest hashtags based on your content.
  • Explore related hashtags: Instagram shows related hashtags when you search for one. These can give you more ideas.

Keep in mind, the best hashtags are the ones that your target audience is likely to search for.

What are the most popular Instagram hashtags?

Listed below are 10 of the most popular hashtags on Instagram.

  • #love: It's a universal emotion and can be used on almost any post.
  • #instagood: This is for any post that you think is good or high quality.
  • #photooftheday: This is for a standout photo that you post in a day.
  • #fashion: This is popular among clothing brands and fashion enthusiasts.
  • #beautiful: This is for anything you find beautiful, from a person to a scenery.
  • #happy: This is for posts that express happiness or joy.
  • #cute: This is for all things cute, from pets to kids or even clothes.
  • #tbt (Throwback Thursday): This is for sharing past photos or memories on Thursdays.
  • #like4like: This is used by those hoping to get more likes on their posts.
  • #followme: This is used by those who want to attract more followers.

The hashtags mentioned above are just a small selection of popular ones; there are numerous others available.


Proper use of hashtags can significantly increase your visibility on Instagram, helping you reach new audiences and increase engagement. By understanding their importance and using them effectively, hashtags can become a vital part of your Instagram strategy.

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