The Importance of Instagram Followers, Likes and Views

Updated at 08/04/2023

Want to know the importance of Instagram followers, likes and views? In this article we'll explain what they are and why they matter.

Instagram is not just a photo-sharing app; it's a powerful marketing tool with over a billion users worldwide. For businesses, influencers, and individuals looking to build their brand, Instagram offers a platform for reach and engagement. A crucial part of this engagement comes in the form of followers, likes, and views. But why are these metrics so important? Let's delve into the importance of Instagram followers, likes, and views.

What are Instagram followers, likes, and views?

Listed below is a definition of what Instagram followers, likes and views are.

  • Followers: Followers are Instagram users who choose to subscribe to your account's updates. When someone follows you, your posts appear on their Instagram feed, and they have the option to engage with your content.
  • Likes: Likes are straightforward. When a user likes one of your posts, it means they appreciate your content. A like is a form of approval and interest.
  • Views: Views apply to video content on Instagram. The view count indicates how many times Instagram users have watched your video.

Why are Instagram followers important?

Listed below are 6 reasons why Instagram followers are important.

  • Increases audience base: Instagram followers form the base of your audience on the platform. The more followers you have, the more people are there to see and interact with your posts.
  • More engagement: Followers are those who can like, comment on, and share your posts. These interactions, known as engagement, are crucial to increasing your visibility on Instagram.
  • Increases visibility: Instagram's algorithm favors profiles with more followers. This means the more followers you have, the more likely your posts are to be seen by a wider audience.
  • Improves credibility: A high follower count can lend credibility to your profile. It suggests that many people find your content valuable, which can attract even more followers.
  • Creates opportunities: If you're a business or influencer, a large follower count can open up opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and other types of collaborations. It can be a sign to brands that you have a substantial and engaged audience.
  • Provides feedback: Followers can provide feedback on your content, helping you understand what resonates with your audience. This can guide your future content strategy.

How to get more Instagram followers?

Listed below are 4 ways of getting more Instagram followers.

  • Content creation: This includes posting high-quality content, staying consistent with your posting, using Instagram Stories, IGTV, Instagram Live, and Instagram Reels. It's all about creating engaging, high-quality, and consistent content across multiple Instagram features to attract and retain your followers.
  • Profile and performance optimization: This encompasses optimizing your Instagram profile and using Instagram Insights. A well-optimized profile is more appealing and easier to discover. Instagram Insights allows you to understand your audience better and adjust your strategies based on performance data.
  • Engagement and collaboration: This involves finding your target audience, engaging with other users, collaborating with influencers, and sharing user-generated content. By identifying and interacting with your target audience, working with influencers for wider reach, and sharing content made by your followers, you foster a community that encourages more user engagement.
  • Promotions and contests: This includes running contests and giveaways, buying Instagram ads, and promoting your Instagram on other platforms. These strategies help increase your visibility on and off Instagram. Contests and giveaways can boost interaction, while ads can help reach a wider audience. Promoting your Instagram on other platforms can help tap into other user bases.

Why are Instagram likes important?

Listed below are 4 reasons why Instagram likes are important.

  • Increases popularity: Likes are a clear sign of the popularity of your post. The more likes you get, the more people seem to enjoy your content.
  • Boosts algorithm: Instagram's algorithm favors posts with more likes. So, the more likes you get, the more likely your post will show up in people's feeds and Explore page.
  • More user engagement: When someone likes your post, it indicates they've engaged with your content. This can foster a sense of community and encourage more interaction on your page.
  • Attracts opportunities: For businesses or influencers, a high number of likes can attract potential partnerships, sponsorships, or other opportunities as it shows that your content is well-received.

How to get more Instagram likes?

Listed below are 4 ways of getting more Instagram likes.

  • Content creation and management: This includes creating high-quality content, posting consistently and at optimal times, using relevant hashtags, creating engaging captions, and using geotags on photos. This strategy focuses on creating engaging content and leveraging posting strategies like the right timing, hashtags, and geotags for better visibility and reach.
  • Engagement and user interaction: This comprises engaging with other users, sharing user-generated content, running contests or giveaways, and cross-promoting with a partner. Here, the focus is on actively engaging with the audience, fostering a sense of community, and partnering with others to expand your reach.
  • Leveraging Instagram features and collaborations: This involves using Instagram Stories, IGTV, Instagram Reels, broadcasting on Instagram Live, and working with influencers. The aim is to utilize all Instagram features for content variety and to partner with influencers for broader audience exposure.
  • Paid promotion and analytics: This includes buying Instagram likes, paying for Instagram ads, utilizing Instagram Insights, and promoting your posts on other platforms. These strategies involve investing in paid promotions for wider reach, using Instagram's analytics tool for understanding your audience better, and promoting on other platforms to reach non-Instagram users.

Why are Instagram views important?

Listed below are 4 reasons why Instagram views are important.

  • More engagement: Views show how many people are interested in your content. The more views your posts and videos have, the more popular they seem to be.
  • Increases visibility: A high view count can increase your content's visibility. Instagram tends to promote posts that are getting a lot of views, meaning they could reach a wider audience.
  • Gives feedback: Views can give you insight into what type of content your audience likes. If one video gets more views than another, your audience might prefer the content in the more viewed video.
  • Attracts partners or sponsors: If you're a business or influencer, a high view count can attract potential partners or sponsors. It indicates that your content can reach a broad audience.

How to get more Instagram views?

Listed below are 5 ways of getting more Instagram views.

  • Content creation and posting strategies: This includes understanding Instagram's algorithm, creating high-quality videos, using hashtags, using Instagram's geotagging feature, posting at the right times, and posting consistently. These strategies revolve around understanding how Instagram works and creating appealing video content that is optimized for visibility and engagement.
  • User engagement and collaborations: This encompasses engaging with other users, collaborating with others, collaborating with influencers, leveraging user-generated content, and running video contests or challenges. These methods emphasize the importance of active engagement, forming partnerships for wider reach, and using community content for authenticity.
  • Utilization of Instagram features: This involves using Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live. The goal here is to take full advantage of the variety of content formats offered by Instagram for an engaging and dynamic online presence.
  • Paid promotions and cross-promotion strategies: This consists of buying Instagram views, using Instagram ads, cross-promoting on other platforms, and promoting your videos in newsletters or emails. These strategies highlight the role of paid promotions for increased visibility, multi-platform presence for reaching a broader audience, and integration with email marketing for higher engagement.
  • Analytics and performance tracking: This includes using Instagram Insights. This strategy focuses on leveraging Instagram's built-in analytics tool to understand your audience better, track the performance of your content, and refine your strategies accordingly.

Is balancing followers, likes, and views important on Instagram?

Yes, balancing your followers, likes, and views on Instagram is key for maintaining a healthy and engaging profile. For example, if you have a high follower count but low engagement (likes and views), it could indicate to users and Instagram's algorithm that your content isn't engaging. Similarly, a high number of likes but few followers could suggest to users that your account might not be consistently providing value.


In conclusion, followers, likes, and views each play a crucial role in your Instagram success. They increase your reach, improve your credibility, and indicate how well your content is resonating with your audience. However, always remember that these metrics should come from real, engaged users for your account to truly thrive.

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