Impact of Instagram Algorithm on Interactions

Updated at 08/04/2023

What is the impact of the Instagram algorithm on likes, views and followers? In this article, we explore the influence of the algorithm on likes, views, and followers.

Instagram's algorithm is like the invisible hand that guides the content on your feed. It influences what posts you see, how often you see them, and whose profiles pop up on your Explore page. For anyone looking to boost their Instagram presence, understanding how this algorithm impacts likes, views, and followers is vital. Let's delve deeper into this topic.

How to understand Instagram's algorithm?

Before we discuss the impact, let's quickly touch on what the Instagram algorithm is. Simply put, it's a set of rules used by Instagram to determine what content gets shown to users. It analyses various factors, including user interests, recency of posts, and relationships with other users, to curate a personalized feed for each user.

By understanding these factors, you can influence what you see on Instagram. Like, comment, and interact with the posts and people that you want to see more of. Over time, Instagram's algorithm will learn and adapt to your new behavior.

What is the impact of Instagram's algorithm on likes?

Instagram's algorithm significantly impacts the likes on your posts. When you share content that your followers enjoy and interact with, the algorithm recognizes this engagement. It predicts that similar users will also like the post, and so it shows your content to more people. As a result, your post can get more likes. Therefore, understanding your audience's interests and posting relevant content can help the algorithm work in your favor, leading to an increase in Instagram likes.

What is the impact of Instagram's algorithm on views?

Instagram's algorithm plays a major role in determining the views on your videos, IGTV, or Reels. The algorithm works by understanding the content you enjoy and the users you frequently interact with. When you post a video, the algorithm shows it to a small percentage of your followers initially. If they engage with it, it gets shown to even more of your followers and potentially on the Explore Page. Therefore, creating engaging videos and understanding your audience's preferences can make the algorithm show your content to more people, which increases your Instagram views.

What is the impact of Instagram's algorithm on followers?

The Instagram algorithm affects your followers by deciding who gets to see your content first. It prioritizes your posts based on people's past interactions with you. If someone regularly likes, comments on your posts, or shares your content, they're likely to see your future posts.

Similarly, if they rarely interact with you, your posts might get lost in their feed. So, the algorithm affects the visibility of your posts to your followers, which can influence whether your follower count increases or stays the same. Engaging regularly with your followers and posting content that they find interesting can help you gain more visibility and potentially increase your Instagram followers.


Instagram's algorithm plays a significant role in determining the likes, views, and followers you receive. By understanding its workings, you can create a strategy that aligns with its factors, increasing your chances of Instagram success.

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