Francisco Medina

Francisco Medina Owner OMExpo


  • Founder and owner of


  • Digital pioneer since 2008
  • Creator of an Instagram platform
  • Provides tools to improve presence on Instagram
  • Has innovated in the construction of digital presence


  • Degree in Computer Science

Francisco Medina, born in 1983, is a true digital pioneer from Madrid, Spain. His passion for technology led him to create in 2008, a site that has transformed the way people build their Instagram presence.

After graduating with a degree in computer science, Francisco realized the growing power of social media. He saw an opportunity and seized it, creating a platform where anyone could boost their Instagram profile. offers quick and easy ways to buy followers, likes and views.

With Francisco's leadership, the site has become one of the top choices for Instagram users around the world. Francisco, who still lives in Madrid, continues to push the digital age forward with his innovative ideas.

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